What is Sex Addiction?

Visitors to this website may ask, “What is a sex or love addict?” “What is sexual anorexia?” “What is cybersex addiction?” “What does it mean to be codependent to sexual addiction?” “Who is a sex offender?” “Who is a survivor of sexual trauma?”

“We admitted that we were powerless over…

lust, sex addiction, love addiction, sexaholism, sexual compulsion, sexual obsessions, sexual anorexia, fantasy, cybersex addiction, sex offending, the incest experience, codependency to sexual addiction, and/or our committed relationship

…and our lives had become unmanageable”

You can access our questionnaires, by clicking on the links listed below that will take you to information located within the fellowship websites. The questions were formulated to help you determine whether there is a problem that needs attention. If you suspect there is a problem, please know that there are local members willing to listen and to share their story with you. First and foremost, you can find us at meetings. Countless people have remarked that sitting in several meetings and listening to the experiences shared very honestly by the members, led them to identify what they were seeking in a very personal way.

You can also reach us by phone, email or face-to-face. We are here to help you, because in doing so, we help ourselves to live a sober and serene life.

Self-Discovery Tools