Courage to Follow

A Meditation

God, give me the courage and the strength to follow your lead in all I do.

Grant me the ability to view others with respect and appreciation for their unique qualities and for the gifts they offer to the world.

Open my eyes and ears to the profound beauty you have provided and grant me tolerance and understanding toward those that may not see or appreciate that beauty.

Guide me to recognize the many blessings I enjoy and to build on them to live a healthy and productive life.

Give me the insight to set goals and boundaries that honor me and others and that follow your will.

Grant me the grace to act and speak with compassion and honesty.

Open my heart and mind to the many opportunities and solutions you provide and remove my desire to control my life. Help me to use the tools you have given me to manage my life and to be aware of, and appreciate, those things I have done that are good and honorable.

Help me to walk on the path of recovery for the rest of my life and to learn to appreciate the progress I make on that path.

A Member of
SAA Monday Nights, Boulder
and St.Barnabas Wednesdays SLAA, Denver
Meeting-Approved 2/04. NOT Fellowship-Approved Literature